About us

Medibit was funded in 1990 by Sergio Surfaro wich dedicated most of his professional life to technological researches in medical field, especially in medical laser studies.

From the beginning the main goal of the society was to intermediate between the official scientific world and the avanced technological sector industries. This trade off achieved many results as the production of medical laser and, mainly, professional training of the laser users to let them acquire the fundamentals of laser therapy.

Nowaday Medibit focus on technological trade-off between SIF campanian section and some electromedical industries spread all over the campanian territory. This collaboration achieved the creation of new laser and accessories to improve venous photoablation tecniques.

The continous collaboration with the Seconda UniversitÓ di Napoli allowed the set-up of new mini-invasive laser therapy methods like PLANT (Percutaneous Laser Ablation Nodules Thiroid)

This is the mantra in wich our collaborators trust, sure that this is the way to achieve a increasingly avanced technology for laser surgeries less and less invasive.